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Rapid City Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Our truck-mounted cleaning machines have the heat and horsepower needed to clean tile, grout, & other aggregate surfaces. Not everyone can say that!

How It Works

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Clean And Sanitize Hard Surfaces.

Our truck mounted cleaning machines produce water hot enough to sanitize and enough pressure to clean hard surfaces such as tile & grout, aggregate, concrete and more.

Not everyone else can.


Xtreme Restoration is often called to do jobs other carpet cleaning companies can not fully do.

  • Sanitizing Clinic Common Areas

  • Cleaning Tile Floors

  • Cleaning patios

  • Sanitizing pool areas

  • Remove dirt and debris from aggregate surfaces

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Vacuuming the Couch

Call To Get A Free Estimate

Keeping common areas safe for your family and guests could be more affordable than you think.

How It Works

The cost of cleaning depends on several factors. Which we will need to determine before your appointment.

  • Size of the area

  • Condition of the surface

  • How long it will take to clean

  • How much detergent & treatment chemicals will be used


You Call or Text Us

Call Xtreme Restoration so we can answer your questions on the spot.


We Ask You A Few Questions

We will need to know how many areas need to be cleaned and the size of each area to give you an  Estimate.


You Get A Free Estimate

When we get an idea of what the job will need to get done we will quote you a price.


We Schedule A Time To Clean

We work with your schedule to get the job done. 

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