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Water Damage Restoration


Experienced & Certified Water Damage Restoration Service For Commercial & Residential Buildings

  • 24 hour 7 days a week emergency service

  • The largest water damage restoration fleet and equipment arsenal in South Dakota.

  • Get your property dry ASAP!

  • We are IICRC Certified 

  • Our El Diablo Truck Mount Machine Removes 4.2 GPM outperforming its rivals.

  • Locally Founded, Owned & Operated in Rapid City, South Dakota

  • We are certified, bonded, and insured

We have helped hundreds of local and national families and business owners get their lives back on track after water damage.


Xtreme Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to events that cause water damage at your property in the Black Hills. We document the restoration process thoroughly to ensure you are covered by insurance.

Modern Watch

24/7 Availability

Document with Pen

Experienced & Certified


Best Equipped

Xtreme Restoration of Rapid City is Locally Founded, Owned, & Operated.

 It is so important to have people that you can trust working inside your home or business. Our best-in-class equipment removes water quickly to prevent further damage to your home.


We Deliver. We Execute. We Finish.


We are proud to serve our local communities.

We have worked with homeowners and businesses in the following South Dakota towns:

  • Rapid City

  • Hill City

  • Keystone

  • Sturgis

  • Box Elder

  • Piedmont

  • Black Hawk

 What are the most common causes of interior building water damage?

These are some of the most common causes of water damage​

  • Flooding / Ground Water

  • Burst pipes

  • Sewer back up

  • Drainage issues

  • Clogged gutters,

  • Storms & Weather-related events


No matter what the water source may be, getting the water removed quickly is critical, to prevent further damage. If not addressed immediately, the Relative humidity will continue to climb. Which forces moisture into building materials. Drywall, for example. If this material receives enough moisture from a water loss. You will see microbial growth, buckling, then collapse soon after. Which in return multiplies the damage of the water loss. 

Upon Arrival we do an initial inspection of the property (Health concerns, Age of structure, Moisture readings / RH% readings, What class and category loss it may be? Any additional PPE needed? Is there electricity?, Wall/ceiling and room types affected, Best microbial application, Removal system, etc.) Our Team then assembles our Truck-mount and begins extracting raw water. We use a water claw on our first pass of the area that is affected from the loss (slow process, exspecialy if content manipulation is involved ). Then we go to a zipper wand for a 2nd pass. To ensure that we have removed as much raw water as possible. Before the removal of any material. Then we pin point areas where water may be bound or trapped. Example, baseboard is a finish piece of material in a home. If it is not removed during a loss you will find that over time, there will be signs of microbial growth. There is no way for the bound water to release.

We Work With You and Your Insurance Company.

We are here to support your home recovery and get the water damage mitigated. Xtreme Restoration works with you or persons that are directed to communicate with us. from the initial phone call. We do the water damage restoration. To restore your home after water has damaged the home/building. More cases than not, there are building materials that need to be removed. So that we can dry and treat walls that water intruded. Once our complete process is done. We have a few contractors that we can refer to you, to do the build back. We don't replace any material after our restoration process has been completed. Although, we will point you in the right direction.


We understand that this is a stressful time for you and your family, and feel it is super important to be in communication with the owner or persons that are directed to communicate with us. There are significant health risks associated with the water damage restoration process which makes it important to hire a trained and certified crew.

The 9 Step Water Damage Restoration Process: To Ensure A Thorough Repair

 Contact and initial information gathering. With locating the initial water source.

 Complete assessment of damage and written work contracts. We photo document/go pro.

Identify and resolve any safety hazards (electrical wires in standing water, loose/buckling drywall, etc.).

Extract water from the area and prepare for dehumidification, air movers and locate bound water.


Apply an antimicrobial and at times use a microbial removal system to all affected surfaces to help prevent or remove microbial growth.

Remove and dispose of pad only, if it's a category 1 loss. Carpet, baseboard and building material should be removed if affected by a category 2 loss. If carpet/pad, baseboard, building material and contents are affected by a category 3 loss, they will be removed. No exceptions. 

Inspect all areas that water may have traveled. Document all moisture levels in affected areas.

Apply air movers (approx. every 10-15 linear feet). Apply proper amount of de-humidifiers. 

Monitor job. Record all drying data and keep accurate records.

Dispose of any non-dryable items. 

Don't Delay

The longer you wait to get the water removed and the drying process started, the more damage that water will do to your home’s interior, structure, and foundation. We want to help you keep the demolition and cost of repairs to a minimum. We are certified and equipped with the best water removal and drying solutions on the market. Our team cares about taking care of you and your home. You’re not alone.

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